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However, the knowledge gained from this seminal research created a foundation for which to build future research studies.

The concept of disrupting market conditions necessitates a paradigm shift from traditional technological focus toward examining innovations from a much larger business modeling perspective, requiring realignment of organizational key capacities.

The dissertation concludes with a discussion of the research findings, limitations, implications for contemporary organizations and the framework for future research regarding the notion of work, applicable leadership style, and instruction within the study of historical socio-rhetorical criticism.

Through this correlational study, I examined the relationship between learner autonomy and leader reserved behavior to determine if higher levels of learner autonomy may be associated with lower levels of reserved behavior in leaders and, therefore, lower risk of leader derailment.

It was found that a positive relationship existed between authentic leader and professional moral courage. The current study, administered in the form of a survey, quantitatively examined the NBLSA for reliability and validity.

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The results indicated there were several similarities and differences between Foursquare leadership and leadership described by Weber's theory and the five contemporary leadership theories. Freeman found that transactional leadership behavior of school principals in the USA has a positive and significant relationship with teacher commitment to students.

The results of that analysis were then applied for both instruction and work in developing themes to organize the discussion in this final chapter. The purpose of the study was to develop a measurement tool to evaluate key crisis aversion competencies: The data supported my hypothesis, revealing a statistically significant, moderate, negative correlation between the two variables of interest.

A leader may feel the pressure or even coercion to sacrifice certain ethical standards for the sake of expediency in advancement, achievement of goals, financial gain, or even preservation of personal comfort and status. Within this context, disruptive innovation, as an innovation refinement approach, has produced paralyzing effects on competition by way of altering market identities.

Inferential statistics indicated the survey was not a good predictor for noncompleters, but some interesting statistics were revealed regarding graduation odds of ethnicity, gender, and public versus private institutions. This study used DeVellis' scale development guidelines.

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Dissertations for Religious Education

This study also tested problem-solving and creative self-efficacy as moderators of the relationships between IVTs and individual power distance orientation with leader-directed voice. Conversely, where less transitional alignment is present, the process will be more negatively experienced.

The purpose of this study was to examine crisis preparedness at Christian-affiliated institutions of higher education. Second, this study examined Christian-affiliated institutions of higher education presidents' perspective of their institution's ability to prepare for crises based upon the four.

Example Education Dissertations. Published: Mon, 12 Feb Published: Mon, 12 Feb Techniques to Increase Student Enrolment.

The higher education market globally is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive. Options for students have increased at a dramatic rate. A Study of the Biblical Worldview of Twelfth Grade Students from Christian and Public High School Quant; 6 ; Dr.

Kaye Tindell Ed.D. Comparison of Music Based Curriculum Versus an Eclectic Curriculum for Speech Acquisition in Students with Autism. PUBLISHED DISSERTATIONS ON CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATION. 32 days Christian Higher Education.

Read; Revisiting a Christian View of the Common Good for Christian Higher Education. Published Dissertations on Christian Higher Education. days Christian Higher Education. The largest collection of electronic theses and dissertations available worldwide, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global includes 4 million works from more than.

About Gardner-Webb.

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Originally founded in as Boiling Springs High School, Gardner-Webb has steadily grown its academic programs, student body, physical campus, and community relationships to become a nationally-recognized leader in Christian higher education.

Published dissertations christian higher education
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